The DOS And Don’ts Of Your Engines Cooling System

20 Aug

With all of the makes and models of cars in world, how do you know what the best fluids and parts are when it comes to taking care of your car’s engine? First and foremost, consider your owner’s manual the bible when it comes to your car. Anything and everything you need to know about how to treat that engine should be contained in that owner’s manual. There’s usually a chart in the back that tells you the specifications for fluids and other specific trouble shooting scenarios.

The Cooling System Of Your Car

As many people as you talk to that’s how many opinions you will get when it comes to engine coolant and a little process known as a radiator coolant flush. Many people insist that, even with a mix of coolant and water, you need to use distilled water rather than tap. This depends a lot on the quality of your tap water. As long as the water is potable and not high in minerals tap water should be fine when mixed at the proper ratio with coolant. Now that ‘mixed with coolant’ part is essential. Some people insist on running straight water in their car’s engines (clearly they don’t live here in the Midwest). This is horrible for your engine due to the fact that coolant doesn’t just stop your cooling system from freezing up in the winter and help to cool it in the summer, but lubricates the working parts of your cooling system.

What About Running Straight Antifreeze/Coolant?

In a word… No. This practice, though seemingly harmless, actually does lower the coolant’s capability of protecting your engine against freezing and overheating. The mix of coolant with water is recommended because it works. What’s it they say about “if it ain’t broke…”. Why mess with something that works? The ratio of water to coolant depends greatly on your car type and the temperature in which you live. Once again, that ratio should be contained within your owner’s manual.

If you’re still not sure about what kind of oil or engine coolant to use, or any other questions related to the engine in your car, it’s good to find and keep a trustworthy mechanic. It’s the finding the part that’s going to be difficult.

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